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This is the second article that supposedly exposes the "Liberal Bias" of Snopes; it deals with Stimulus Money that actually was awarded to Oregon State University, allegedly in exchange for a contract extension for OSU's Basketball Coach — who is the brother of Michelle Obama.

The first of two article about Snopes supposedly showing "Liberal Bias" deals with allegations about Barack Obama appointing Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court as "pay back" for getting certain Supreme Court Cases dismissed — cases dealing Barack Obama's Birth Certificate and eligibility to be President.

Does Snopes show a Liberal Bias when Fact-Checking
Issues with Political Implications? — Part II
..by Matt Moody, Ph.D.

* * * * *

It ain't what you don't know that makes you a fool,
but what you think you know . . . that ain't so!
- Mark Twain  

I've received an email that alleges a "Liberal Bias" at Snopes, and the would-be Bias is solely based on a blind correlation — a correlation that doesn't weigh any other Evidence in particular. Here's the Correlation:

"Whenever there's a political issue involving Barack Obama, Snopes sides with Obama every time."

Such logic is called the "Correlation-Causation Fallacy" — Events X and Y both happen at the same time. Therefore, it is assumed that X causes Y (or that Y causes X), because events of type X consistently accompany events of type Y. Here's an example of the Correlation-Causation Fallacy:

Bigger shoe sizes correlate to better handwriting.
Therefore, having big feet improves writing skills!

Because Snopes draws conclusions that undercut anti-Obama accusations, and instead of examining the Evidence case by case, politically-motivated Ideologues conclude that Snopes must have a "Liberal Bias" — because Snopes consistently "sides" with Obama.

Just as Big Feet has little to do with better handwriting — rather, it's experience and maturity that truly improves handwriting, regardless of foot size — if Snopes is exhibiting Liberal Bias then simply SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE, instead of making Assertions based upon a loose correlation.

What follows is a case where Snopes supposedly "sided" with Obama (or possibly, has Snopes simply "sided" with the Evidence)? As we scrutinize the Facts of this case, we can easily determine which one is done:
Siding with Obama due to Liberal Bias versus . . . simply Siding with Evidence due to Honesty.

Did Oregon State University receive Federal Stimulus Money in exchange for offering a
Contract Extension to the OSU Basketball Coach, Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama's Brother?

The brother of Michelle Obama, Craig Robinson, was given a basketball coaching contract extension at Oregon State University about the same time that OSU was given stimulus money. Sounds Sinister!? But let's vet the Evidence and discover the truth.

First, the email that accuses Snopes of Bias is authored by Anonymous! The fact that the email's author is NOT identified is the 1st RED FLAG that points to propaganda. Why? Because what respectable person would ever permanently tie their name to false information — lies?

The email tries to LINK a poor start by the Oregon State Basketball Team and Craig Robinson's Head Coaching job being in jeopardy . . . to 17 millions dollars of Stimulus money sent from Washington D.C. to Oregon State University, supposedly to save Robinson's job. Of course, Craig Robinson is the brother of Michelle Obama, and that fact raises suspicion that a dirty deal was done.

But here's the problem: The quid-pro-quo chronology is OUT OF ORDER:

FACT: 17.8 Million in Stimulus Money was indeed awarded to Oregon State University and spent BEFORE the fall of 2009 and BEFORE the Basketball Team's "8 -11 start (2-5) in the Pac 10 conference."

As documented by an article in the OREGONIAN, October 12th 2009, 17.8 Million of "state fiscal stabilization funds" were received and spent by October 2009 -- and the Oregon State Basketball season started in November 2009.

FISHY: This Email claims that "Undersecretary of Education, Martha Kanter," dispatched 17 Million Dollars of Stimulus Money to Oregon State University AFTER the Basketball Team's slow start and Craig Robinson's job was supposedly in jeopardy.

Whoops, BUSTED!

Truth is, Craig Robinson's coaching contract was extended because he was the most successful Basketball Coach at Oregon State in the last 20 years. His teams won 32 games in Robinson's first two seasons — which may not be impressive at Duke or Kentucky, but it's a good record of wins at Oregon State, relative to the winning percentages of OSU Basketball Coaches since 1990.

These facts are confirmed at OSU's Athletic Website:


Craig Robinson

Jay John

Ritchie McKay

Eddie Payne

Jim Anderson

















I have an old-fashioned attitude about PROPAGANDA: It's dishonest and always unacceptable, regardless of whether its message approves or opposes a political cause. Again, the fact that the author of this Email is Anonymous is a RED FLAG worth noting — in contrast, I put my name behind what I say.

The Anonymous Author knew that once the Claims in this Email were eventually vetted, they would be found FALSE — and that's why PROPAGANDA PEDDLERS hide behind anonymity. Of course, the Claims about Stimulus Money awarded in exchange for a Robinson's Contract Extension were found FALSE by Snopes — who put their name and reputation behind what they say. With Millions of people watching, why would any Fact-Checking Website think they could draw a poltically-motivated conclusion, that goes contrary to the facts, and that conclusion would NOT be noticed as politically-motivated by the Million of people who will double-check the Evidence?

Matt Moody, Ph.D.
Social Psychologist

P.S. Pay attention to the Irony of the way the following Propaganda Email begins — to which I say, "there seems to be no end to shenanigans from" politically-motivated PROPAGANDA PEDDLERS.

* * * * * * *

There seems to be no end to shenanigans from Washington DC ...  keep on working, you taxpayers, 'cause they need the money!


Some have said that the stimulus hasn't saved any jobs, 
but here is a case . . . . . where at least one job was saved.

Take for instance Oregon State University Athletic Director,

Bob DeCarolis. 

Now Mr. DeCarolis was seriously considering firing

his Basketball Coach Craig Robinson after a dismal
8 -11 start (2-5) in the Pac 10 conference). When
word reached Wash. D.C., Undersecretary of Edu.

Martha Kanter was dispatched to Corvallis with $17 million in stimulus
money for the university. Craig Robinson's job is safe for another year.

Now comes the interesting part of our story....
For those who are unfamiliar with Coach Robinson, 

he happens to be the brother in law
of none other than our country's beloved President,

NOW YOUR CATCHING ON.... that's right he is the brother

of Michelle Obama! 

But hey, can't we all come to the conclusion that Coach Robinson's job security was all just a coincidence?
I'm sure of it .... Aren't You?

Thank Goodness For The Stimulus!!!
But $17 million for one job? I wonder what mine is worth?

If this doesn't anger you, nothing will... remember to vote this fall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


* * * * * * * *






In the final analysis, the proof is in the pudding — the fruit is on the tree. Whether Snopes is politically bias or not is as easy as knowing that Apples grow on Apple Trees, and that Apples don't grow on Thorn Bushes. But why do some people think otherwise?

A great many people think they are thinking
when they are really just rearranging their prejudices.

- William James  

Detecting potential propaganda is really quite easy. Just remember Dr Matt's First Rule of Evidence:

Saying it . . . doesn't make it so!

To simply assert a claim without any evidence to back it, is to speak "vain babblings." True believers in Jesus live by this New Testament teaching:

But shun profane and vain babblings:
for they will increase unto more ungodliness.

(2 Tim. 2:16) 

The word "vain" derives from the Latin word "vanus" — meaning "empty." Empty Words are written and spoken every time we pass on ideas that have no credible evidence of being factual. True Followers of Christ will live by this Standard:

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
(1 Thess. 5:21) 

Matt Moody, Ph.D.
Social Psychologist

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