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Here's a few reasons
why you need to put your peepers

on the words in my book, . . . Changing Your Stripes:

You could spend thousands of dollars on self-improvement seminars and
personal therapy,
. . . OR you can learn the same (and better)
principles by reading my book!

Like a dictionary or an encyclopedia, Changing Your Stripes
is a resource book that you can refer to over and over.
My book
details the principles that will fix every
perplexing problem you might face in life.

"Mastering a challenging situation is ultimately
a matter of mastering yourself. It is directly IN your challenges
that you will find your ultimate destiny.  Your response to
tough times
determines the person that you become."
- Matt Moody.

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Changing Your Stripes
.Plus Poetry, Proverbs, Practice, Principles, & Perspective 
8-1/2 X 11 MANUAL Perfect Binding 274 pages.
$24.95 + S&H
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The Changing Your Stripes Manual has SOLD OUT.
Dr Matt is in the process of Revising and Re-Printing.



Changing Your Stripes
.The Social Psychology of Situation, Self, & Solutions.
6 X 9 Perfect Binding 304 pages.
$19.95 + S&H
**.(Click the Cart for orders within the USA only ).**

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If you live outside of the United States
please order the book at this Link.