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Greetings . . .

Let me tell you a little bit about myself:

My experience with people has taught me that each person has special gifts to share with humanity. My talents and personal characteristics include:

  • Strong empathy, yet an ability to challenge a person to principled action;
  • Discernment of things seldom seen by others;
  • Encouragement and Support for pushing aside doubts and fears, and initiating action.

I come from a very musical family: seventh child of seven children. I play the piano and guitar. In ancient history, I played the saxophone in the high school band. I love to sing and am not shy about singing solos. I been the Choir Director at my Church for more than a decade. I've taught Ballroom Dancing at BYU and for many years have taught a weekly Ballroom Dance Class.

Because I love ballroom dance so much, most every weekend I go dancing for fun! I enjoy watching the television shows: "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance" — I've written Reviews of SYTYCD. Lately, I'm very involved in doing genealogy. In addition to counseling, I also teach people via telephone How To Do Genealogy and Family History Research Online.

In a previous life, I designed and built homes — pounding nails, pulling wire, soldering copper pipes, taping sheetrock, texturing ceilings, shingling roofs and more.

I have three sons that have graduated from High School and are all avid and accomplished distance runners at the collegiate level: I got them "into" running, when I signed them up for a 5K Road Race one weekend; I've run dozens of 5K & 10K road races through the years, and even a couple of 26.2 mile marathons — I have the T-shirts to prove it.

My oldest son served a two-year Church mission in Moscow, Russia. My second son served a mission in Louisiana; he lived just a few miles south of the famed french quarter in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit — he evacuated safely to Baton Rouge. My youngest son preached the Good News of Jesus Christ on his 2-year mission in Florida — his assignments included Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island (where the Kennedy Space Center is).

My closest friends tell me that I'm easy going & friendly. I'm a good communicator with a quick wit. I am dependable, I keep commitments — you can count on me to absolutely follow through with my word. I prefer a simple, uncomplicated approach to life. An unfrenzied easy pace where one can savor and smell the roses along the way.

I earned a Ph.D. in Social Psychology & Family Sociology from Brigham Young University. I hold an M.Ed. Degree in Instructional Methods and Curriculum Design, and a B.S. in Sociology. I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist.

In my doctoral program, I conducted a ground-breaking study on Self-Esteem where I successfully differentiated two types of people—arrogant and empathic — both of whom scored High in measures of Self-esteem. Conclusion: Not all High Self-esteem is good Self-esteem. To describe the egocentric variety of High Self-Esteem, I coined the term"Selfish-Esteem." Read about my Doctoral Dissertation.

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by Matt Moody

Agendas to push, reputations to prove

always on the go . . . busy, hurried, harried.

There is another way to live, there can be calm and flowing ease

where layers of complexity peel away, . . . the pace relaxes.

For there is no other place to be but . . . Here

and no other time to live but . . . Now.

There is nothing more important

than savoring the moment

with the ones we love.
Living Simply, . . . Simply Living!

Living Simply means living in the
moment with all your Heart, . . . wholly being in the
"here and now," and not traveling somewhere else in your Head.
Simple Living means not wasting mental energy
through worry, suspicion, fretting, or fear.
Living Simply means losing one's "personal ad campaign,"
The death of the Self as Advertised.

Simple Living means being honest and straight-forward with others.
Living Simply means losing the egocentric orientation of ME
and acquiring a loving orientation of WE.
Simply Living is located in loving relations:
"We are each of us angels with one wing,
and can only fly embracing each other."

Here's a Key to Living Simply . . . and Living Lovingly.
And along the theme of "relaxing the pace" . . .
have you read the poem Slow Dance?

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