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The Division of Response-Ability
.What Comes Out of You . . . Is Yours

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It's-Not-Your-Fault Psychology

My affordable prices and convenient service are an alternative to traditional psychology. Some therapists assume that people "come down with" mental disorders, like they "come down with" physical diseases like measles, mumps, or chicken pox. This assumption is wrong for two reasons:

       1)    It ain't so, and
       2)   Because it robs people of God-given Response-Ability; this false assumption
               blinds people from seeing and owning their contribution to creating a problem.

While there are valid descriptions in the DSM of ways in which we live Dis-Ordered lives, the assumption that people "come down with" psychological diseases is false!

When we accept the erroneous notion that mental Dis-Ease appears like the FLU — with no contribution from you — we push aside the very Response-Ability essential to overcoming our personal problems. In other words, when we have participated in the production of a problem, THEN we can un-produce that problem by making principle-based choices!

But when we have no input into a problem via personal choice, we are stuck and the only way out is a PILL to cure our supposed disease! From Dr Matt's Answer Archive, here's a question from someone who has bought into the disorder paradigm of traditional psychology.

People don't really ”have” A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) or O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) . . . as much as they ”live” dis-ordered lives by ”making” dis-ordered choices! When we say that people ”have” disorders, this tends to excuse a person from personal Response-Ability. Here's how I explain it in my book:

.*    *    *    *    *    *    *.

You DO your Dis-Eases. Certain psychological paradigms for explaining why you do what you do offer enticing excuses for bad behavior. Here are a few: "It's not your fault because you're Bi-Polar," or "You're not responsible for acting whack-o because you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder," or "You can't help yourself, because you have Attention Deficit Disorder."

In this world, there are millions of people paying good money for bad psychological service; specifically, people who are paying to be diagnosed and labeled as HAVING a Disorder—when they don’t really have one, they’re doing one! Since the Mental Illness Paradigm maintains that you GET mental disease, like you GET Malaria, of course you would need a prescription of pills to cure the assumed biological cause—it’s not your fault, it’s just bad biology!

For those diagnosed with disorders, it may be a fact that life is dis-stressing and personally dis-pleasing, in other words life is not easy—it's Dis-Easing. Welcome to earth: Life IS a Set Up! The vast majority of people diagnosed as HAVING a mental disorder are being misled by what is called the “medical model” of mental illness: that the mental malady has a physical cause, a biological origin, apart from any choice-making input from you.

The bitter truth for most people behaving badly and feeling foul IS that they themselves have directly contributed to their so-called "mental disease," and without their direct donation to the cause, they wouldn't be dis-eased—instead, they would HAVE happiness, or at very least . . . inner peace. To assume that all diagnosed mental disorders initiate and perpetuate like biological diseases undercuts a key principle to personal recovery: Owning your Response-Ability. (Changing Your Stripes, 2nd Edition, page 146)

There are no short cuts to character building. Integrity is not developed by default or denial, . . . becoming more wise or wonderful does not happen by taking a pill. Taking drugs for dis-orders and depression can often be motivated by escape and avoidance: Escape from Reality and Avoidance of Response-Ability. But such tactics of escape or avoidance simply delay solid solutions; time passes with no real personal progress and people are still left with the need to cure the cause!

* * * *
If you pop a pill
to chase away emotional pain,
when you awake from a drug-induced stupor,
Life will be waiting for you, . . . right where you left off.
  (Changing Your Stripes, 2nd Edition, page 150) 

.*    *    *    *    *    *    *.

Some who hold to a Disorder Paradigm play both sides of the issue: On one hand, they say you HAVE a disease and "it's not your fault," thus a pill is prescribed, YET they YACK at you for months thereafter as if talk-therapy would do you any good; as if YOU and YOUR THINKING and YOUR CHOOSING had any correlation to YOUR CONDITION—which was whole truth and nothing but the truth to begin with!

You Need to Put Your Peepers
On the Words in my Book

You'll be so much Smarter and Happier if you do!

*  *  *  *  *  *

Your Remedy: A Pill or a Principle

Taking a pill is quick and popular and pervasive! And sometimes it’s absolutely the right thing to do. But in many cases, pill popping is just the ”easy” thing to do. And the root cause of a problem is not directly addressed; instead it is merely masked over by medication.

When you are stressed out about a pressing problem, your body chemistry will naturally parallel your perceptions. When your thinking and perceptions are out of balance . . . then your body chemistry will be out of balance too!

In an over-medicated society, many are "fooling themselves" as to the truth of their predicament. And they wallow in a medicated-haze of imitation happiness, instead of clearly experiencing the rich euphoria of clear-headed, un-medicated living.

Scratching the Surface . . .

That's just a taste of my helping philosophy — a brief "dip of your toes" in waters that run deep! If you want to dive into deep waters . . . you need to read my book, Changing Your Stripes. And when you buy the book, you can schedule a free consultation with Dr Matt.

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