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Examples of Free E-Counseling
Free E-Counseling with Dr Matt

                     Sent an email to Dr Matt and he will contact you within 48 hours.
                     In your email, include the following:

                             1)   your first name and age
                             2)   city, state/province, and country where you live
                             3)   single, married, or divorced - with children?
                             4)   explanation of your situation

                      Your free e-counseling is much more effective when you have a
                      copy of "Changing Your Stripes" — because the principles that
                      apply to your problem are thoroughly detailed in the book.

Personal Information like "your age" and "where you live" generally, give
Dr Matt a sense of who you are, so he can better answer your question.
By asking Dr Matt a question, you give permission to Dr Matt to have
your words used for educational purposes at websites, in books,
in public presentations, or any other educational setting;
of course, your identity will be kept confidential and
details contained in your question, that may
reveal your identity, will be altered.

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