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Saying it, doesn't make it so: back your opinions with Facts!..

.Three 3 Rules for Sorting Fact from Fiction:.
.by Matt Moody, Ph.D...

1 - Confirm Validity. Look for Evidence, Authors, and References. Discover if ideas are accurate. The following websites offer evidence and references to help you see passed the Lies & Urban Legends — so you can separate Fact from Fiction.


Don't accept any of the previous sources as the final word; instead, refer to them for the verifiable facts they provide.

Conversely, if you've "heard" that any of these sources are biased, push passed "hearsay" and look for Verifiable Evidence and Authoritative References — don't be an ideologue* and merely sift for ideas with which you agree!

Truth is, YOU may be harboring bad assumptions, a.k.a., mind viruses. Dr Wayne Dyer cautions:

Don't believe everything you think!

Triangulate your research by checking multiple sources to see if similar conclusions are drawn. Accept Verifiable Evidence wherever you can find it. Don't throw the baby (the Evidence) out with the bath water because of dirty "hearsay" rumors. In sorting Fact from Fiction, remember Mark Twain's sage advice:

It ain't what you don't know that makes you a fool,..
but what you think you know . . . that ain't so! **

Myth Busting:

Microwaves & Food Molecules

Cell Phones & Cancer

High Protein Diets

Marathons Minus the Training

Microwaving in Plastics & Cancer

Birther Madness Barack Obama Born in Kenya

Mitt Romney & Mormons Are Not Christians?

Does Snopes Have Liberal Bias?

Stimulus Money for a Coaching Contract

Interpretation of GOP Rule 38 Out of Context

2 - Beware of Anonymous Authors making Unsubstantiated Claims. Be skeptical of Internet articles written by no one — words written by an unidentified author. The best information will be openly authored by someone who knows the subject thoroughly — either through experience and/or education. Even when some seem to have worthy credentials, beware of assertions that are unsupported. Here's Dr Matt's First Rule of Evidence:

Saying it . . . doesn't make it so!

When a source simply "says it" — without offering Evidence or References — this is a RED FLAG indicating Low Quality Information at best, and Propaganda at worst. In the long run, undocumented information is NOT worth reading and NOT worth sharing with others.

Raise your standards! Invest your time and fill your mind with Reliable Information written by Excellent Authors who back their words with a byline — authorities who are accountable for what they say! In contrast, avoid anonymous authors who cower in corners and dodge accountability.

3 - Let Evidence Inform Your Opinions. Living with Integrity means allowing the Truth to shape and change present opinions. Truth includes the knowledge of things as they are — not as you want things to be. William James said this:

A great many people think they are thinking
when they are really just rearranging their prejudices.

People tend to gravitate toward information that agrees with their present opinion, regardless of its validity. To do such, is to cease thinking intelligently and merely rearrange prejudices. Again, look for Evidence, References, and Authorities with relevant experience and education.

According to a Rasmussen Survey, Eighty-two percent (82%) of Americans "believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God who came to Earth and died for our sins." Americans who believe in Jesus should live by this New Testament teaching:

But shun profane and vain babblings:
for they will increase unto more ungodliness.
(2 Tim. 2:16) 

The word "vain" derives from the Latin word "vanus" — meaning "empty." Empty Words are written and spoken every time we pass on ideas that have no credible evidence of being true. Christians should be live by this Standard:

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
(1 Thess. 5:21) 

Instead of Siding with Partisan Peers
becoming Sheep that accept popular Group-Think,
Become a Proactive Advocate of the Facts: Side with the Truth!
Life's too short to believe Erroneous Information written  by Anonymous
or Uneducated Authors who make Unsubstantiated Claims.

...*    Ideologue: Someone who already has his/her mind made up —
           even when the facts say otherwise.
.**    Sage advice edited by Dr Matt, based upon Mark Twain's words: "It ain't what you don't
           know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

           these words are also attributed to Will Rogers, but my research points to
           Mark Twain as the original author.

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