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West Coast Swing Dance Lessons

Dr Matt's lessons for learning West Coast Swing:
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West Coast Swing
Step Archive

By Dr Matt 

The first Demo is one of my favorite West Coast Swing routines ever ! The Choreography fits the music beautifully—Anastacia's "I'm all Outta Love."

    * WCS Demo #1 = Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollman
           This choreo fits the music beautifully—Anastacia's "I'm all Outta Love."

    * WCS Demo #2 = Benji Schwimmer & Heidi Groskreutz
           This is the MOST viewed West Coast Swing routine at YouTube

    * WCS Demo #3 = Michael Kielbasa & Jennifer Deluca
           Clean execution of steps, and fantastic interpretation of the music!

    * WCS Demo #4 = Greg Scott & Hannah Wenzel — July 2007
           Great West Coast Swing requires training in other dance styles.
                     Here's another performance of essentially the same routine,
                     with slight differences. Danced in February 2008

    * WCS Demo #5 = Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham
            Canada's West Coast Swing Champions.

    * WCS Demo #6 = Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollman
            Another great routine from this top couple.

    * WCS Demo #7 = Beata Howe & Demetre Souliotes
           Beata has great West Coast Swing instructional videos at YouTube.

    * WCS Demo #8 = Parker Dearborne & Jessica Cox
           Jessica Cox is one of the best female WCSwingers out there.

    * WCS Demo #9 = Parker Dearborne & Jessica Cox
           Excellent intro to the music of "Sittin at the Dock of the Bay."

    * WCS Demo #10 = Robert Cordoba & Keldee B
           US Open West Coast Swing Champions in 1995

    * WCS Demo #11 = Robert Cordoba & Melanie Roberts
           Crisp execution of steps! Melanie Roberts does great body ripples!

    * WCS Demo #12 = Robert Cordoba & Deborah Sehkely
           Deborah appears to have classical dance training. She has very clean lines!

    * WCS Demo #13 = Matt Auclair & Meagan McKechan
           This routine has lots of fast girl twirling and arm wrapping action!

    * WCS Demo #14 = Matt Auclair & Meagan McKechan
           This same couple were excellent dancers in their younger years too!

    * WCS Demo #15 = Richard Kear & Joanna Meini
           Subtle, smooth styling. Some fantastic moves to enjoy!

    * WCS Demo #16 = Gary McIntyre & Susan Kirklin
           Pro Exhibition at America's Classic Championships! Fantastic Airiels & Flooriels!

    * WCS Demo #17 = Robert & Nicola Royston
           A rousing routine danced to Honky Tonk Woman!

    * WCS Demo #18 = Nicola Royston & Robert do 2 on 1 — "Trios"
           Slow and Slinky! Coordinating leads to Two Women is a tough task!
              Here's another version of the same routine. Whoa . . . this one is waaaay hot!

    * WCS Demo #19 = Jason Colacino & Katie Boyle — "Honky Tonk Woman"
           Instead of bringing his partner 360 in a Whip, Jason does a fantastic spin half way into a Whip!
              Look for this move at the
1:28, and then watch Katie does some spectacular spinning at 1:12

    * WCS Demo #20 = Jordan Frisbee & Katiana Mollman — "Coldplay"
           West Coast Swing Champions perform in Moscow, Russia 2009

The previous performances were pre-choreographed to the music.
The following are spontaneously-danced improvisations:

    * WCS Improv. #1 = Benji Schwimmer & Tatiana Mollman
           Two fantastic West Coast Swingers synergize their dancing talents.

    * WCS Improv. #2 = Eric & Heidi Groskreutz
           Eric's spin and reverse of direction is fantastic at 1:43

    * WCS Improv. #3 = Ben Morris & Jessica Cox
           A lot of creativity in this routine. I like the smooth technique!

    * WCS Improv. #4 = Benji Schwimmer & Deborah
           Benji's Improv skills are amazing. Deborah anticipates every new twist and turn.

    * WCS Improv. #5 = Matt Auclair & Katie Slater
           Matt Auclair is the Pretzel King, he's fabulous at arm-wrapping action.

    * WCS Improv. #6 = Richard Kear & Melissa Rutz
           Excellent example of expressing nuances of music through dance moment!

    * WCS Improv. #7 = Jordan Frisbee & Jennifer Deluca
           Two Top West Coast Swing Dancers do a fancy freestyle!

Here's some of the West Coast Swing steps we will learn in our weekly Dance Class. The names of the steps in the YouTube Videos are often different from mine. The terms I use more closely match the terminology used at Brigham Young University.

    * WCS Move #1 = Whip with Man's Under Walk

    * WCS Move #2 = Underarm Turn & Whip

    * WCS Move #3 = Turning Arm Wrap, Ronde' Release

    * WCS Move #4 = Sweetheart Check to Left over Right Contact

    * WCS Move #5 = Loop to Monkey Dip

    * WCS Move #6 = Check to Under Arm Roll

    * WCS Move #7 = Low Side Roll

    * WCS Move #8 = Advanced Sequences taught by
           Robert Royston & Robert Cordoba — great moves!

This is my West Coast Swing page, primarily, but I'm parking a few cool step done in other dances, until I create those webpages.

    * New York Hustle Demo #1 = Matt Auclair & Meagan McKechan
           This young couple are dancing very fast with clean precision — impressive!

    * Mambo Move #1 = Cross Body Lead, Cuddle & Check, Loop,
                                            Man's Under Walk to R-Hand Arch.

    * Mambo Demonstration = Benji Swimmer and Heidi Grosskreutz,
                                                        final four perfomance from SYTYCD.

    * Walk Rhythm #1 = Pretzel Wheel, Cuddle,
                                            Man's Under Walk to R-Hand Arch.

    * Walk Rhythm #2 = American Spins, Underarm Turn, Walk Thru,                                                   Pretzel Wheel, Cuddle, etc.

    * Walk Rhythm #3 = Double ManSpin = very cool!
                                                    I can't understand a word he's saying,
but you can figure out the step visually.

    * Walk Rhythm #4 = Roll In, Double Free Spin
                                                    Simon Borland from London, England is one
                                                    of the only Dance Instructors that teaches
                                                    Walk Rhythm Hustle besides Dr Matt.

    * DWTS Kids Competition #1 = Mitchell & Jessica — Cha Cha
           Mitchell is age 11 & Jessica is 10. They are from San Diego, Ca. — cha cha starts @ 1:13

    * DWTS Kids Competition #2 = Kirill & Hannah — Samba
           From Staten Island, New York, Kirill is age 11 & Hannah is 10 — Samba starts @ 3:33

    * Most Beautiful Rumba #1 = Slavik Kryklyvyy & Elena Khvorova

    * Most Beautiful Rumba #2 = Slavik Kryklyvyy & Karina Smirnoff

    * Costume Change while Dancing = Joanna Leunis & Michal Malatovski
                   More fantatic rumba to the music: "Nella Fantastia."
Costume change at
1:20 & a very unexpected change at 2:40

    * Best Lift & "Snake" Combo = Joanna Leunis & Michal Malatovski
                   Another gorgeous rumba to the music: "The Look of Love."
To view this fabulous combination, drag the Buffer Ball to

    * Costume Change during Strictly Come Dancing = Joanna & Michal
                   Starts with Rumba to "Look of Love" then Samba "Mas Que Nada"
Costume changes at
0:48 & a very unexpected change at 1:18

    * Strictly Come Dancing = Joanna Leunis & Michal Malatovski
                   A sharply danced Cha Cha to the music of "Smooth." It's way hot!

    * 2008 WSS Dance Festival = Ricarrdo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko
                   World Super Stars Dance Festival: Sassy Yulia doing high fashion Cha Cha!

    * 2008 WSS Dance Festival = Jonathan Wilkins & Hazel Newberry
                   Strong Tango! Hazel is making Jonathan forget Katusha Demidova

    * 2008 WSS Dance Festival = Michael Malitowski & Joanne Leunis
                   An Encore Performance of their classic Samba Routine!

    * 2008 WSS Dance Festival = Michael Malitowski & Joanne Leunis
                   Rumba with a surprize in the Middle to the music Nella Fantasia

    * Team Formation Championships = Awesome synchronization!

    * Swan Lake #1 = Guangdong Acrobatic Troupe of China.

    * Swan Lake #2 = Guangdong — More Unbelievable Balance!

Dr Matt will always connect you to the coolest steps!

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