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Feel Stuck in a Rut? . . . and looking for a Remedy?
Try Dr Matt's Family History Therapy: A chance to discover
your ancestors, the roots from which your unique identity was formed.

Some Psychologists and Therapists teach a popular, yet erroneous idea:
To Change Yourself and To Change the Perceptions of Your World,
all you must do is Change Your Mind, Change Your Thinking!

But here's the problem: You can't Change Your Mind
using the Same Mind that needs Changing.
You can't Fix Your Mind, using the
Same Mind that needs Fixing

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Family History Therapy by Dr Matt:
Discover Your Roots - Get Clear about Your Identity

Divine Gift: the Secret to Life is Everyone's Possession 
Principles of Emotional Healing and Lasting Change

The Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression
Double-Blind Experiments Disprove Theory

The Power to Profound Lasting Change
Futility of Rule Following & Goal Setting

The Whole Truth about Heart versus Head
Far More Powerful than Positive Affirmations

Antidepressant Drugs Only Mask Your Misery
Numbing You to a Message Life is Trying to Teach

How to Deal with an Irritating & Insulting Co-Worker
Responding Effectively to a Frustrating Job Environment

Three 3 Modes of Motivating: Coercion, Cooperation, & Compassion
Superlative Parenting — How to Motivate & Influence Others  

Forwarding Emails that contain False Information:
 Five 5 Rules of Email Forwarding Etiquette 

Why ObamaCare is Un-Constitutional
 Lawsuit filed by State of Virginia 

How to Tell if Someone is Lying:
 Tell-Tale Signs of Deception 

If Victimized, You Need Not
 Volunteer for Victimhood 

Matt's Five 5 Part Series:
Dissecting "The Secret" 

There's a ton of information to read at my website.
Take your time and explore the ideas. If the information
resonates and rings true, then I invite you to
enjoy more of the same in my book!

You Need to Put your Peepers
on the Words in My Book.

You'll be so much Smarter and Happier if you do!

My book, "Changing Your Stripes" presents principles for:
Getting out of the ditch in which you've been dumped, . . .
the difficulties of which you are a
Victim, . . . and/or
Getting out of the ditch in which you've jumped,
the difficulties for which you

"Mastering a challenging situation
is ultimately a matter of.
.mastering yourself!"
- Matt Moody.

"Changing Your Stripes," teaches you the principles
that lead to lasting change, making you a new kind of creature
capable of responding with calm, even as storms of adversity swirl.

Sold Exclusively
through this website

Changing Your Stripes
.The Social Psychology of Situation, Self, & Solutions.

6 X 9 Perfect Binding 304 pages

$19.95 + S&H
.**.(Click the Cart for orders within the USA).**

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If you live outside of the United States
please order the book at this Link.


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