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Social Psychologist & Personal Advisor

The Goal within Your Control:
Becoming Loving & True

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Helping you . . . Is What I Do !

I offer telephone counseling services at affordable prices: helping you make it through Life's many challenges, enhancing you personal growth, and your enriching relationships.

I bring to each consultation insights that I have gleaned many years of helping people, and even more years of experience (my body-age is over 50). I bring a mature perspective to your challenges: I have likely experienced problems similar to the ones you're going throughI've been divorced, raised teenagers and step-children.

Dr Matt's Counseling Services Include:

          * Relationship Conflict
          * Anger Management
          * Divorce Recovery
          * Relieving Stress
          * Parenting Issues
          * Dealing With Loss
          * Kicking Bad Habits
          * Same-Sex Attraction
          * Marriage Enrichment
          * Clear Communications
          * Overcoming Addictions
          * Problem with Pornography
          * Cause and Cure of Narcissism
          * Coping with Controlling Spouse

Not All Telephone Counseling is created equal! .

       My affordable and convenient service is effective for three reasons:

1.   I have the knowledge and experience necessary to answer almost any quandary
       or quagmire. I've been helping people find solutions for more than 15 years.

2.  I don't offer the same ideas or intervention as you get from a typical therapist,
       psychologist, or psychiatrist — What I offer actually works! I teach
       powerful principles that bring about the only change that matters:

The only change that matters is a change of heart,
every other change alters us cosmetically but not fundamentally,
modifies how we appear, what we do or what we say,
but does not change who we are
- C. Terry Warner.

3.  I use a unique resource, "Changing Your Stripes," a book specifically written
       to supplement private telephone counseling.
It contains every idea and principle
       that will solve your situation. It offers an intelligent explanation of:

        * The Animal that You Are:   your SELF,
* The Zoo You Live In:   your SITUATION, and the principles for
* Recovering the True You:   SOLUTIONS.

Principles detailed in Changing Your Stripes will be a reinforcing anchor to ideas we discuss in our phone counseling sessions. And when each session ends, I continue talking to you through the book, as you read the pertinent parts I will point out.

When Changing Your Stripes is studied conscientiously, telephone consultations will be more effective than "face to face" intervention. Here's more good news: My fees are less than the cost of traditional therapy, while the healing & help are greater.

Do the math: Get more, pay less!

How to Begin?

       *   Buy a copy of Changing Your Stripes 
       *   Make a Commitment

I bring to each consultation insights that I have gleaned from more than 2 decades of helping people. I bring a mature perspective to your challenges: I've likely experienced problems similar to the ones you're going through.

Comfortable and Competent . . .

For counseling to be effective, you need to feel comfortable with who I am. If you will trust me to help you, you must feel assured that I am competent.

You can discern whether I am the best person to help you by simply getting in touch with your own intuitions as you read the info at this website — it will feel right.

Any Questions?

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