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Family History Therapy by Dr Matt

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Semi-Interesting Insights about Matt Moody

*** Matt Knows Microfilm:

Although most of my geneology has involved doing research online. I am familiar with the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, and can use the online card catalog to find microfilm that may answer the research question. For example, I recently reseached the "dead ends" in my Family Tree.

The research tool called "Puzzilla," in coordination with FamilySearch can quickly reveal all the places in a person's Family Tree, where Parents and/or Spouses are unknown:


After researching various places in my Family Tree, I was able to find fascinating
Microfilm on my mother's line: The identity of Martha Finlinson's spouse

Bolton Parish in Cumberland England had a record of James Finlinson's birth, and finally
we discover who James's father was, as well as the identity of Martha's husband:

It's good to know that my 5th great maternal grandfather is a "Some Body" rather than a "No Body."


*** Matt Follows the Facts:

Although the tendency first came from my father, who, as a medical doctor firmly followed best-practices and presedures according to medical science, in my graduate programs I reiforced and fine-tuned the tendency to Follow the Facts and let them lead me to sound conclusions.

Here's a recent Facebook posting that expresses my commitment to Following the Facts:

*** Matt has Experience in Sales:

I've sold real estate with Osmond Real Estate, and I've also sold carpets and floor covering with Carpet Giant - Carpet One. I know how to ask "closing questions" to lead a client closer to making a buying decision.


*** Fun Facts about Matt

I've participated in more than 101 Road Races: to include 5k's, 10k's, Half Marithons (13.1 miles), and Marithons (26.2 miles). I have the t-shirts to prove it!

Along with teaching Ballroom Dance for many years, I've also had the experience of doing Ballroom Competitions. Among others titles: I am the Silver Tango Champ (with my partner, of course). Below is me dancing the Mambo.

At Brigham Young University, my doctoral dissertation was the very first to be published in a double-sided format. Not because the policy changed, but because I questioned the policy and changed what was an outdated tradition -- a remnant of the typewritter era.


*** Too Much Information

After selling Real Estate for a few years, I was convinced that I could design a superior floor plan, and build a better house compared to the one's on the market. So I designed and build two houses. And after this experience in building, because I knew how framing structure had to coordiate with heating, plumbing, and electrical, I began a business called "The BluePrint Doctor" -- I would detech expensive construction mistakes and solve those problems at the blue-print stage.


Last but not least,

I have 3 sons, and two of my sons got married in 2015


Cover Letter for Job of
Assistant Geneologist at Ancestry.com ProGenealogists

November 3, 2015

Here are eight great things I bring to the job of Assistant Genealogist:

1. Writing & Editing Skills -- I know how to compose pithy and poetic prose that eliminates clutter -- so the final composition is both easy to understand and enjoyable to read. Because excellent writing inevitably involves re-writing, the best writers are also and always astute editors. First published in 2006, I've written and edited three editions of a book entitled, "Changing Your Stripes." When I write, I'm oriented toward big-picture organization; which means, through the drafting process I consistently apply a standardized format.

2. Passion for Family History -- I'm experienced with doing research at, among other places, Ancestry, FamilySearch, Rootsweb, and Find-a-Grave. I've scoured through thousands of census and vital records and have learned many insights about changing-up search parameters to find individuals who are "out there," but are hiding under a nickname or an unknown married or maiden name. I've also learned that some census takers don't write legibly, so it's vital to find information from multiple sources to document correct names, dates, and family relationships.

3. Dependability & Determination -- I follow through with my word. You can count on me to show up at expected times and meet deadlines -- endurance to complete the course is my family heritage.

4. Old Dog That Learns New Tricks -- I have a Master of Education degree. I've developed a deep commitment to continual learning, and naturally seek to improve my knowledge and hone my abilities -- as opposed to digging into familiar ruts and resisting change. If I am right for this job,
I look forward to learning the many tips and tricks that Pro Genealogists can teach.

5. Computer and Internet Savvy -- When doing Family History Therapy with clients via telephone and Internet, I've learned to teach low-tech people how to perform the necessary computer and web-based functions. I created a webpage to teach those necessary procedures.

6. Strong Interpersonal Skills -- As a counselor and as a teacher I have rich experience working with others. I'm a good listener and can usually discern the overt and covert goals of a client or student. I can put people at ease and maintain positive relationships.

7. Animated Personality -- During college days I was a member of the BYU Young Ambassadors and the Ballroom Dance Team; I performed in a professional cast of "Saturday's Warrior" (Wally Kestler) that ran 7 shows a week for 6 months. Years later in October 2012, I played the role of Count Dracula in a Valley Center Playhouse production of "Shadowbrook Mansion."

8. Photoshop Wizardry -- I've been the webmaster of my own website for many years: I know how to use Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, and by necessity I've learned much about using Adobe Photoshop. But the proof is in the pudding and not the pontificating: check out this before and after photo
of Marilyn Monroe's biological father.

Matt Moody


Relevant Resume for the Job of
Assistant Geneologist at Ancestry.com ProGenealogists

Experience pertinent to the job

CallDrMatt.com; Orem, Utah 2013 - Present
Sometimes personal problems can be fixed by simply forgetting yourself, and turning your heart and mind to others -- especially turning your focus toward ancestors who have contributed to and shaped both your biological and behavioral heritage.

CallDrMatt.com; Orem, Utah 2006 - Present
I help Individuals and Couples through their trials and troubles by discovering the source of problems at their spiritual roots. I teach true principles that lead to satisfying solutions -- principles detailed the book, "Changing Your Stripes."

Educational & Advisory Services; Orem, Utah 2001 - 2006
I teach clients how to "own" their responses to adverse situations and how to see patterns of Self-Deception, or the problem that you have a problem but don't think you have a problem. Self-Deception is detected by recognizing certain tell-tale signs.

Community Education Programs; Provo, Orem, & Salt Lake City, Utah 1990 - 2009
In various settings in Utah and Salt Lake Valleys,
I taught Ballroom Dance Classes to teenagers and adults.

Utah Valley University; Orem, Utah
Teaching Psychology and Social Psychology Classes.

Spanish Fork Junior High; Spanish Fork, Utah
Teaching Algebra and Earth Science.

Brigham Young University; Provo, Utah
During undergraduate days at BYU, I taught P.E. 180, Social Dance.


Provo, Utah -- Ph.D in Social Psychology & Family Sociology

Provo, Utah -- M.Ed in Curriculum Design & Instructional Methods

Provo, Utah -- Secondary Education Teaching Certification

Provo, Utah -- B.S in Sociology & Recreation Education

A book that details the Sociology of your Situation and the Psychology of your Self, then identifies principle-based Solutions to perpetual problems of Situation and Self.




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